Version v0.0.13

  • full update of all files _LAND.shp
  • revision of all .prj files
  • newly generated equi7grid.dat
  • full update of coverland lists within equi7grid.dat

Version v0.0.10

  • in image2equi7()…
  • float64 removed
  • same outputfile as input possible
  • scale/offset is now accepted

Version v0.0.9

  • bugfix in antimeridian handling
  • image2equi7 ingests now .nc with “bands”

Version v0.0.8

  • extended search_tiles_in_roi()
  • fixes issues with projection strings when using GDAL>=3.0.0

Version v0.0.7

  • fixed issues on antimeridian/dateline

Version v0.0.6

  • minor update on lonlat2xy functions

Version v0.0.5

  • minor update on tilesystem functions

Version v0.0.4

  • python3_ready

Version v0.0.3

  • Fix Python 3 issues

Version v0.0.2

  • Second draft

Version v0.0.1

  • First draft